Laser Projectors

Like TVs, video projectors continue to make enormous changes and improvements. Not long ago, the standard household TV was a simple HDMI flat panel, but now, the standard has morphed into a smart, 4K TV. Projectors are following the same path of creating efficient, vibrant images.

In the past, projector manufacturers upgraded features such brightness (Lumens), image adjustment, and connection style, but not fundamental design changes. The light source has been the standard lamp, which dims over time and can discolor the image in as low as 1,500 hours of use, unless the bulb is replaced. Due to the heat created in lamp-based projectors, the fan runs continuously in an effort to cool the lamp and help it last longer. This creates another maintenance issue because the fan pulls air and dust into filter, which then has to be cleaned or replaced. Over the past few years, incredible design changes have been made to get better projectors on the market at competitive prices.

The most important change has been transitioning from lamps to LED or laser technology, giving a more efficient light that lasts much longer. With this upgrade, the image looks just as good at hour 1 as it does on hour 20,000+. For the most part, laser projector LED’s are so long lasting that you will replace the entire projector before the LED wares out.

Another great benefit of laser projection is how little heat is produced, which means the projector’s fan barely has to run. Since there is minimal air movement inside the machine, very little dust is pulled into the filter, and it will rarely have to be cleaned or replaced. If the fan is running at all, it shuts off the instant you turn off the power, and the projector does not need a cool-down period. This means that the unit can be turned back on right away, which is a great improvement over the long wait time needed to restart the traditional lamp-style projector.

The most popular upgrade with laser projectors is that most of them offer higher resolutions and detail on larger screens. Just as most TVs come 4K, most laser projectors are coming that way as well. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your picture for the size needed to be viewed in a large auditorium.

Currently, laser projectors do cost a little more than standard lamp-style projectors, but the prices continue to drop each month as more options become available and the demand increases. Just as the home 4K TV came down in price over the course of a couple years, these projectors will continue to come down and become more cost effective.

While we cannot really say laser projectors are zero maintenance, we can say that they are pretty close for all practical purposes, which is very important in most auditoriums where the projectors are flown from the ceilings and are not easily accessible without moving seating and renting lifts.

When looking at your future projection needs, laser projectors are the best option. They continue to expand this technology, and we will continue to see amazing new features become available, as well as lower prices. We at AdvanceTech Systems are excited about the future of these projectors and would love the opportunity to talk with you about your facility and its projection system possibilities. Give us a call today!